Day 40 / by Jeff Tacklind

I told Mia today that I feel like I’m right in the midst of finals.  It was been such a full week!  And tomorrow it all culminates with an Easter message followed by an egg hunt with my sweet little nephews in the front yard.  I look forward to the feeling of completion.  Not because I want to get through this.  I look forward to the deep satisfaction comes in the moments of rest after having run further than you thought possible.

Writing for 40 days is certainly like this.  Exhausting creatively, but also emotionally.  Some days posting a blog I’m proud of.  Other days, not so much.  And letting each day be what it is.  A simple offering.  An honest retelling.  A glimpse of the divine in the ordinary.

I mentioned at the start that I was hoping to follow the breadcrumbs home.  And I feel like I’ve been shown a deeper glimpse into my own heart.  Not only in the writing, but in the process itself. In the worry and doubt.  In the moments of inspiration.  And in the deep sense of satisfaction as I push the ‘save and publish’ button each day.

I thank you all for journeying with me through this Lenten season.  Thank you for your comments, encouragement and feedback.  Some of you introducing yourselves to me for the first time.  Others who I’ve known for years.  It was been a sweet time of connecting and I so appreciate your responses and likes and memes (Tricia).

Tomorrow is Easter. Together we celebrate the greatest of gifts.  The moment in history that embraces us like an enormous hug.  That assures us, that, despite appearances, all shall be well. And with it we’re given the grace to keep running.  To live with anticipation in our hearts.  To extend peace to the world.  And to be ready to humbly give an answer for the hope within us, with gentleness and respect.

Thank you, my friends. Enjoy your Easter morning!  He is risen!