Leaving and Returning: Day 24 by Jeff Tacklind

I'm writing from the Seahawks 12 Club at Seatac Airport.  Similar to the unwinding that occurs on the front end of this trip, there is also a process of reengagement on the back end.  As cell reception improves on the ferry ride home my phone begins to ding incessantly.  It is the consistent dinging of emails arriving in my inbox.  Each one a reminder that time never stops, that life continues on, and that it is on me to get caught back up. 

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Pilgrimage: Day 22 by Jeff Tacklind

Today is the first day of what has become an annual pilgrimage up to Orcas Island to participate in a think tank hosted by Portland Seminary.  It has become such a significant event of the year for me.  I love it for so many reasons.

Orcas Island is a magical place.  All of the San Juan Islands are incredibly beautiful and also wonderfully charming.  Old growth trees covered with moss combined with island style cottages and local businesses and farms.  It is a special place.  A thin place.  A place where I feel my heart rate immediately slow and my breathing deepen.

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