The Kingdom

Abundance: Day 31 by Jeff Tacklind

There is a brand of ink for fountain pens called Noodler’s Ink that is my very favorite.  It writes so smooth and dries quickly.  It comes in every color you can imagine, but I always just choose black.  And one of my favorite things about this company isn’t just the ink quality, but the fact that the bottle is filled all the way to the very top.  Which might not seem like a big deal, but it is striking to me every time I open a new bottle.  All the way to the brim!  Who does that?

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New Wine: Day 17 by Jeff Tacklind

My very favorite words of Scripture are the red letters; the words that Jesus, himself, spoke.  We’re studying through the gospel of Luke on Sunday mornings at my church, and it is always so centering to read the teaching and actions of Jesus.  They are so deep and provocative.  They often leave me with more questions than answers, but the questions are somehow more satisfying.  The layers just keep going deeper and deeper.

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